THE  QUESTION :  What is the first thing that one should do whenever they are put in the unfortunate position of being arrested for, charged with or accused of a crime ?

THE  ANSWER :  Without the slightest delay, they should seek an immediate consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

THE REASON :  Because, anyone in such a situation, is facing the very real prospect of being put through a lengthy series of very inconvenient and highly embarrassing encounters with the criminal justice system.  The encounters that we are speaking of include anything from police interrogation, formal arrest and/or various booking procedures, followed by an in court arraignment and any number of possible court hearings, all of which are likely to be set in quite unfamiliar, and very intimidating surroundings.


One of the questions that is is frequently asked is whether or not it is important for one who has been accused of a crime, falsely or otherwise, to take immediate action to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney?   While the answer to the question is obviously yes, the real question is why individuals  would second guess the importance of immediately seeking the advice of a competent criminal defense lawyer, whenever one learns that they are, or might be, facing criminal charges.

We often do not want to think about it and sometimes we just choose to forget about it. But the truth is that good people can sometimes get into trouble with the law.  But it does happen.  And when it does, it is critical that advise from an experienced criminal defense attorney be sought immediately.

After all, there were important reasons why the founders of this nation made it a point to include certain fundamental rights within the structure of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And there are important reasons why those protected rights should not be taken lightly by you or anyone else.  So, don’t !

And don’t ever let anyone persuade you to waive your constitutionally protected right to counsel, or any other of your fundamental rights without first seeking the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. 

By consulting with an experienced criminal attorney, you are taking the first step to insure that your rights are adequately and appropriately protected.

Your entire future may depend upon it and that is far too important to take lightly.

Regardless of who you ultimately select to represent you, if you have been arrested or have criminal charges pending, San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, Douglas Holbrook, could not more strongly encourage you to immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.