Many "high volume" Criminal Defense law firms often advertise that they give free consultations.  However, a brief word of caution is perhaps in order regarding some of these so-called free consultations with some of these high volume, high pressure, high priced Criminal law offices.

Sometimes, an offer of a Free Consultation is not always what it is represented to be.  Therefore, it is strongly suggested that whenever a free consultation is being offered, you might want to ask yourself essentially three questions:

1.  Is what is being offered actually a legal consultation or just a high pressure sales presentation masquerading as a legal consultation ?

2.  Is what is being offered an actual legal consultation with the particular lawyer who will be handling your individual case or just a session with a professionally trained marketing specialist whose job it is to tell you what they think you want to hear to get you to pay the high fees necessary to cover their extensive advertising budget ?

3.  Is what is being offered actually a legal consultation addressing the individualized details of your case or just a very smoothly prepared canned high volume presentation carefully geared towards any case that happens to walk through the door ?
The decision of which lawyer you ultimately select to represent you in these types of matters is critical.  Therefore, the answers to the above three questions are equally critical in assisting you in making the important determination of the criminal defense attorney that you ultimately select to represent you.



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