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There is something very important that you should be aware of.   And here is what it is. It is that other than a minor traffic violation, a charge of drunk driving, driving under the influence, D.U.I. or D.W.I., is often an individual's first, and sometimes, only, personal experience with the procedures of our criminal justice system.   And that means that it may be the first and only time that one may be in need of a criminal attorney or more specifically, a D.U.I Lawyer.  For that reason, that first meeting with a criminal defense attorney or D.U.I. defense lawyer can be somewhat intimidating. 

Therefore, the purpose of the following information is to help avoid some of the initial mistakes that are sometimes made by providing some brief material regarding the offense of driving under the influence:

The law in California dealing with drunk driving can appear on it's face, to be very simple and straight forward.  California Vehicle Code, Section 23152 states that it is unlawful for any person...

(a) ...who is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug, or under the combined influence of any alcoholic beverage and drug, to drive a vehicle.
(b) ...who has 0.08 percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a vehicle.

Many individuals charged with drunk driving, or driving under the influence, D.U.I., end up in the hands of an attorney who is not sufficiently familiar with the handling of these cases and who may be relatively clueless as to how complex and defensible these cases can sometimes be.

Admittedly, many DUI cases can appear at first to be simple and straight forward.  However, when viewed on a more technical level through the eyes of an experienced drunk driving defense attorney, subtle issues can be raised that significantly effect how defensible the case may be.

Unfortunately, individuals charged with driving under the influence, frequently think of the matter as a simple D.U.I. and fail to seek out a D.U.I. attorney having the experience necessary to insure that all the possible issues are being raised.  It goes without saying that can be a serious mistake.  Therefore, if you have been charged with drunk driving, driving under the influence, D.U.I., or any alcohol related charge, and are not currently represented by an experienced San Diego D.U.I. lawyer, you could not be more strongly urged to contact our office without delay.

One last point regarding these types of matters.  Individuals sometimes assume that they can reduce their legal fees if they make that first court appearance themselves, and only thereafter, seek the assistance of a drunk driving defense attorney.  They are often disappointed to discover that the cost of retaining an experienced D.U.I. defense lawyer at that point has not decreased, but has actually increased.

There is a very definite reason why that is.  A drunk driving or DUI charge, like any criminal matter, moves through the system very rapidly.  Every step taken, without an appropriate understanding of the consequences, allows for the distinct possibility of decisions being made that could seriously and irreparably prejudice a case.

Therefore, experienced D.U.I. attorneys frequently have to charge a larger retainer if they are retained on a case at a point when valuable time may have elapsed, and where they will now have to review what has transpired to make sure that some previously made tactical decision has not already caused procedural problems in the case.

With that in mind, you should realize that since it seldom costs more, and more than likely will cost less to have representation from an experienced San Diego D.U.I. lawyer from the very beginning, it would appear to make not only good legal sense, but also wise monetary sense as well, to retain an experienced San Diego D.U.I. attorney at the earliest stage possible.



San Diego Criminal Attorney, Douglas Holbrook, is highly experienced in the defense of all types of criminal charges, including  drunk driving charges,  D.M.V. hearings, and all types of DUI or DWI related matters.