Any minor matter, even a minor traffic matter, can be magnified and compounded into a much larger problem, when an individual ignores an order to appear in court and thereby adds a warrant and a charge of "failure to appear" to the already pending charges. Therefore, the purpose of the following material is to address the potential problems created when one, for whatever reason, fails to appear as ordered.

A failure to appear is a separate offense added on top of an already pending underlying charge. When one fails to appear in court as ordered, it generally results in a bench warrant being issued for their arrest. At that point, they could be stopped at any time, and if a warrant check is run, they could end up being immediately taken into custody. The problem is that they would probably have no way of knowing exactly when they might be routinely stopped and forced to deal with such a problem. However, it is usually a safe bet, that it will end up occurring  at the most inopportune time.

However, there is one fact that one can be certain of.  That fact is that the problem will absolutely not go away until one decides that it is time to deal with it.  A criminal attorney, who possesses the experience of dealing with warrants for the failure to appear, and similar matters, will know exactly what to do to resolve the problem.  First, a court appearance will be necessary to seek to have the warrant recalled.  Thereafter, your underlying case, along with the new failure to appear charges, will need to be placed on calendar to be heard.

If you are in a situation where you now have a criminal matter that you have previously failed to appear on, and the charge has now gone to warrant, it would be imperative that you seek the advice of an experienced criminal attorney, as soon as possible, for the purpose of having the matter handled in the most appropriate manner.

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, Douglas Holbrook is both knowledgeable and experienced in the handling of these types of matters.

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