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Are you looking to find one of the best Criminal Attorneys in San Diego ?  A Criminal Lawyer that is experienced?  A Criminal Defense Attorney that you can trust ?  A Criminal Defense lawyer that is affordable?

For over 25 years, San Diego Criminal Attorney, Douglas Holbrook, has been providing criminal defense and legal representation to his clients in the Courts of San Diego . He possesses extensive experience in the defense of the vast array of criminal charges, felony and misdemeanor, and consistently attains results for his clients that clearly speak for them self.  Nonetheless, his commitment is to provide legal representation of the highest quality for fees that are reasonable and affordable.

Therefore, if you have been arrested or have criminal charges pending, from drunk driving, DUI or DWI related matters, D.M.V. hearings, drug charges, domestic violence, theft offenses, sex offenses, violent crimes of all types, as well as probation violations, outstanding warrants, modifications, expungement, restraining orders, bail bond forfeiture, or any other type of criminal matter, or even just advice on posting bail, you are most strongly urged to contact an experienced San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer. 

By calling the phone number below, a free consultation can be set up with Douglas Holbrook, an experienced San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney who is respected, trusted, and affordable.

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